An Evening in Roma

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I love the Amalfi Coast
Can’t wait to go back!

I love the Amalfi Coast

Can’t wait to go back!

"did you like rome?"

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LOVED Rome! It’s an amazing city with so much history and beauty!  I can’t wait to go back there again someday- hopefully soon, with my brother and cousin…. :)

I think part of what made me love the city was the group I was with.  I was with 11 other people from my school, and (as corny as it sounds) we sorta became a little family.  I learned a lot about these people in a very short amount of time and we all became pretty close.  I think I miss them as much as I miss being in Italy… even though I will see them all in a few weeks!

Our last night- ended at the Trevi Fountain, our first stop 4 weeks ago

Pizza Colonna

there will never be a place as good as here!

Last day in Rome.  It’s bittersweet.  I will miss so many things about this trip.  This experience was an amazing one; one that can’t be put into words.

Thank you mom and dad for helping me to get here, for supporting me while I have been here and every other day of my life.

Thank you to Randy for putting this trip together and keeping it constantly exciting.

Thank you to all of my new friends who have forever changed me and will always be in my heart.  We will always have Rome ;)

Day at the beach in Rome


What a wonderful day

On stage at some ruins just outside of Rome

I have honestly made some of the greatest friends on this trip.

I appreciate each and every single one of them for who they are.  In their own way, they have helped me to grow up, face my fears, and enjoy this crazy adventure that we have been on together for the past month.

It’s such a strange thing to think about, but 4 weeks ago, most of us were strangers who didn’t know each other’s names.  Trips like this really create a bond.  I feel like I have made some really great, life long friends from this trip.

Before coming here, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t get along with anyone.  These girls (and Nick) seemed so different from me.  I thought that they wouldn’t like me or I wouldn’t find things in common with them.  Just the opposite happened, though.  Although different, we are the same.  It didn’t matter who we thought each other to be. We broke down the barriers and showed our true, strange/weird self to everyone.

Studying abroad, you only have yourself and your classmates.  The people you travel with become your friends, your family, your support system, your rock.  Situations like this create a bond so strong that it feels normal to have them in your life when a month ago, they weren’t there.

Sure, we are all ready to go home and be with our families, eat crappy American food, shower in a clean shower, and sleep in our own beds, but from now on, I know that I will feel like something is missing when I don’t see all 11 other SCO in Rome members every single day.

I’ve been on multiple group trips before; all of them have left similar feelings.  At the end, promises are made to get together for reunions and to hang out all the time.  Never does it actually happen, much to my dismay.  This time is different though.  This time, I feel as though I will have these people in my life for good or for bad, and that sounds perfect to me.

To my fellow Hofstra Romans,

Thank you for making this experience the best it could have been.  I love you guys!

July 27